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Mandeville, Louisiana


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How much does a standard size bathtub cost to refininsh?
A) The price is $350.00. This includes recaulking, chip repair, and tax. Therefore, there is no upcharges upon arrival.

Q)How long does bathtub refinishing take?
A) It will take about 5 hours to refinish a tub. Then you need to wait a recommended 48 hours before use.

Q) How much money can I save by reglazing a bathtub?
A) Bathtub replacement costs thousands of dollars, resurfacing costs only a few hundred.

Q) Is the tub reglazing surface durable?
A) With proper care, the new surface should easily last 10-15 years.

Q) Will the new surface scratch easily?
A) The coating is designed to resist scratches and look good for many years.

Q) Will my refinished bathtub be easy to clean?
A) Yes. Simply use a mild soap and wipe with a soft cloth. All customers will receive a proper maintenance guide which includes appropriate cleaners to use.

Q) Will my tub look “painted”?
A) No. Your tub will have a deep gloss and resemble new porcelain.

Q) What about the odor?  Can I stay in the house while my bathtub is being refinished?
A) Yes, you can. While the materials we use are not toxic, we do use ventilation fans to exhaust air from the bathroom to the outside.

Q) Will it be possible to fix chips or cracks in my tub?
A) Yes, they are included in our price! Won’t it be nice not to see them anymore?

Q) Is your process environmentally safe?
A) Yes.

Q) Do you resurface only bathtubs?
A) We also refinish claw foot tubs, ceramic tile, cultured marble items, vanity tops, Fiberglass items, Showers and shower pans, acrylic items and  plastic tubs.

Q) What colors are available?
A) You can choose from hundreds of colors!

Q) Should I do other remodeling in the room before or after the refinishing?
A) We recommend you do the remodeling first.

Q) How long of a life span can I expect by refinishing a bathtub?
A) With the highest quality materials 10 to 15 years.

Q) Can you refinish a bathtub that has been resurfaced before?
A) Yes. For a minimal fee, you tub can be stripped of the existing finish.

Q) Is there a difference between “refinishing” and “reglazing”?
A) No, they both represent the resurfacing process.

Q) My tub was refinished by someone else and now it is peeling.  What happened?
A) Your tub was more than likely not cleaned and prepped right for the job. The surface has to be extremely clean for the chemicals to adhere to the surface. Premier Refinishing takes all precautions to prepare and clean each and every surface to ensure that the coatings will withstand. This will result in your new finish lasting years for your use!